Winter Driving – Myths, Facts and Tips

5 Winter Driving Myths and 5 Winter Driving Tips

Winter has its own set of rules for driving safely, so we’ve compiled a few myths, facts, and winter driving tips to help you safely get around this winter.

Let’s jump right into some myth busting, shall we?

Myth: Pour hot water on a frozen windshield to de-ice it.

Fact: It’ll probably crack if you pour hot water on your frozen windshield. It’s best to use a scraper or de-icer to remove ice from the windshield.

Myth: It’s best to use cruise control on icy roads.

Fact: It’s safer to avoid cruise control on icy roads because cruise control can cause the wheels to spin if the car starts to slide, leading to a loss of control.

Myth: You should warm up the car in cold weather.

Fact: Letting a car idle to warm it up in cold weather is no longer necessary unless you drive a vehicle with a carburetor. Today’s automobiles have fuel injectors and don’t need to warm up, so it’s more fuel-efficient to get in and go.

Myth: Four-wheel drive vehicles are safer to drive in the snow.

Fact: Four-wheel drive vehicles can help with traction, but they are not immune to skidding or sliding on icy roads. It’s essential to drive carefully still and at a slower speed in winter weather.

Myth: You don’t need to clear snow off the roof of your car.

Fact: Snow on the roof of your car can slide off and obstruct your vision while driving or fly off and hit another vehicle. Be sure to clear the snow off the top of your car before going.

Now that you’ve been through the winter driving version of Myth Busters, here’s some tips to help you stay safe on the road this winter and all winters to follow.

Tip: Car windows fogging up on a cold winter morning? Make sure to set your air to outside air, NOT to recirculate. Also, use the AC and defrost at the same time. The AC will remove the moisture inside your car, while the defrost will keep you warm.

Tip: Are your car doors prone to freezing shut? Be proactive, place a small towel between the door and the body of the car, and shut the door as usual; this will give you something to pull on instead of breaking off your door handle.

Tip: Use low gears when driving uphill in the snow, helping to increase traction and prevent the wheels from spinning.

Tip: Keep a bag of sand or kitty litter in the trunk; this can help provide extra traction if you get stuck in the snow.

Tip: Avoid using your parking brake in cold weather. The brake pads can freeze to the rotors, making it challenging to release the brake.

Dunford Insurance in Winchester, Virginia, wishes you a happy and safe winter driving experience. What matters most to you matters most to us.

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