Man in plaid shirt holding a sign on cardboard that says shop local with a heart for the o in local.

Why choose a local Winchester, Virginia insurance agent?

Shop local

When you google auto insurance near me, the search results are packed with major insurance companies and small local insurance agencies.

You want the best coverage at an affordable rate, and they all promise that, but how do you know who to choose?

It may seem that if you go to an insurance company, you’ll cut out the middle man and get the best rates, but alas that’s not true.

A local agent has access to many insurance companies and does the “shopping around” for you to get you the best rates possible.

Need more reasons to shop local for insurance?

We’ve compiled a little list of why you should shop for insurance in Winchester, VA.

Customer service. When calling a local agent you’ll get a person on the other end of the phone call instead of a menu of 34 things to choose from. When you need to file a claim or get your kid’s new car on the policy, who would you rather speak to? An automated menu or the voice of your local agent? When you have a local agent, they can help you file your claim and tell you any additional things you will need to consider.

Your own personal insurance shopper. Today you can order your groceries online and have a direct shopper shop for them and bring them to your car. The same thing applies to insurance. Instead of submitting multiple “get your quote” forms on insurance company websites, your local insurance agent shops those companies for you to get you the best possible rate while making sure that there are no gaps in your coverage.

Best rates. A single insurance company only has rates for their company. An insurance agent is highly trained about each insurance company, their coverages, and their rates and can find you the most affordable package with the most coverage to suit your needs.

Local and community knowledge. Your local agent is very involved with their community and as local residents, they know what issues may arise by living in the area and can guide you to the coverage you may not know you need eliminating possible gaps in coverage.

Reputation. Finding people you trust to do business with can be hard, but when you choose a local agent, you’ll see they’ve been serving their community often for decades. Mark Dunford Insurance Agency began in 2011. He was handpicked to succeed Jim Racey and John Doyle upon their retirement in 2010. We continue to operate in the same location that they made their business home back in 1988 making our agency the longest continuing agency in Winchester and surrounding Frederick County.

Industry Knowledge. Not only do local insurance agents know insurance, they know about insurance from a variety of insurance companies. They learn about each company’s strengths and weaknesses. By getting to know you, the consumer, your local agent can match you with an insurance company that will meet all your needs.

At Dunford Insurance Agency what matters most to you matters most to us.

Give us a call for all your insurance needs.

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