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What is special event insurance?

Special Event Insurance covers your liability for injuries and property damage for events that take place away from your home and on property owned by someone else. 

A great example of such an event would be a wedding or a wedding reception. The locations where these venues take place require the responsible party, the person who makes the reservation, to show proof of Special Event Insurance. 

While venues have their insurance for their liability protection, they will require you to have your own liability coverage specifically for the event date. 

Special Event Insurance will cover your costs if you are found liable for an injury to an attendee caused during your event. 

It will also protect you if you are found responsible for property damage at the venue you are renting. 

In addition, you can purchase a separate cancellation protection policy. This type of protection will cover your costs if you unexpectedly need to cancel or postpone your event. Both coverages for liability and cancellation must be purchased before an event takes place. You can get top-tier coverage at a very affordable price.

Compared to the financial burden that you would be putting on your shoulders without insurance if things don’t go as planned, the small cost of Special Event Coverage is a no-brainer. 

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