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What is business insurance?

What is commercial or business insurance?

If you own a business, you need business or what’s also called commercial insurance.

Business insurance is one of the most important business investments you can make.

You’ve gone to great lengths to start your business, keep it going, and grow, and your business should be protected with the right kinds of coverage.

With so many different types of businesses, there are also various coverage options.

First, we’ll talk about the variety of commercial insurance coverages available to protect you and your business.

General liability insurance covers you in case of customer injury, customer property damage, and advertising injuries. General liability insurance is usually required by your landlord or property owner, as well as your clients.

Errors and omissions insurance, commonly called E&O insurance, covers you in case of a missed deadline, a mistake that creates a financial loss, and a negligent act.

Professional liability and malpractice insurance cover a professional’s loss due to negligent professional duty, wrongful advice that leads to another loss or injury, and wrongful acts; sometimes, this is known as the above E&O insurance.

Workers compensation insurance covers you in case one of your staff gets hurt on the job or becomes ill.

Commercial auto insurance covers your company-owned vehicle in the case of accident, injury, vandalism, or theft.

Commercial property insurance covers any office, retail, manufacturing, equipment or inventory that becomes damaged or lost.

Product liability insurance covers loss due to faulty products that result in damage, injury, illness, or death.

Business interruption insurance also called business income insurance, covers you in the event of a natural disaster that leaves you unable to conduct business and earn an income.

Cybercrime insurance protects you from loss due to online activities and security breaches.

As you can see there are many types of insurance to protect you and your business.

Don’t guess which ones you need. 

It just takes a few minutes to call our office and tell us about your business and we’ll come up with a cost-effective solution to cover all aspects of your business. At Dunford Insurance Agency, what matters most to you, matters most to us.

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