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What goes on during a home refinance?

Many of our clients are refinancing their home mortgage loans to take advantage of low-interest rates. 

Doing so can save you quite a bit over the life of the loan. Depending on your credit score, length of the loan, and the type of loan you are considering, current rates on a 30 -year fixed mortgage loan could be as low as 2.75%.  

If you are considering refinancing your mortgage loan, now is a great time to review your home’s insurance policy.  

You can contact our agency online at dunfordinsurance.com or by calling us at 540-665-0911. 

When we sit down to review a home’s insurance policy, we make sure of three things: 

  • The home is appropriately insured.
  • The policy covers everything it needs to.
  • The premium is as competitive as possible.  

We then communicate with the mortgage lender and provide them with all the necessary documentation for the loan’s closing. 

A home is properly insured if it is insured to replacement cost. 

Under and over-insuring a home is a common mistake made by many insurance professionals.  

We take the time to research all of a home’s details to arrive at the proper amount of coverage. 

We then ask all the pertinent questions that will give us the knowledge needed to include the right endorsements, so that the policy is covering everything it should.  

Lastly, we use every discount available to arrive at the most competitive premium available.  The next step is closing the mortgage loan. What is closing, and who does that?

Closing, or settlement, is the final step in executing a real estate transaction. When your loan is “closed,” ownership of the property is formally transferred to the buyer. Many home buyers and “refinancers” do not realize that they can choose who closes their loan and instead leave that decision to someone else. It is important that the closing of your loan is properly completed.  

Our agency recommends Bill Battaile and his team at RGS Title in Winchester for home purchase and refinances loan closings. 

Bill has over 25 years of real estate closing experience. RGS’ Branch Manager, Jim Pope, has 34 years of experience as well. They even have their own in-house attorney. RGS Title is located at 500 West Jubal Early Drive in Winchester, where they have serviced the area for over 15 years. The company also has 20 different locations across Virginia, where they provide services in multiple languages.  You can contact Bill Battaile and his team at rgstitle.com or by calling 540-723-0662.

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