Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is vital for anyone planning a trip, whether for business or pleasure.

Keep reading for how travel insurance can help give you peace of mind when you book that dream getaway or even a business trip.

Financial Protection: Travel insurance can provide financial protection if you cancel your trip or your belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged. This may be especially important if you make non-refundable travel arrangements or travel with expensive items.

Medical Coverage: If you become ill or injured during your travels, it can be costly, especially if you’re traveling out of the country. However, travel insurance can cover your medical expenses and emergency medical transportation, which may be lifesaving in some instances.

Protection for Unexpected Events: Illness, flight cancellations, and delays can interrupt your trip, and travel insurance can help cover any losses these cause.

Peace of Mind: When you have travel insurance, you also gain peace of mind. You know you are protected against most unexpected events. Book your trip. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Leave the rest to us.

If you’re considering booking a trip, give us a call. We’ll ensure you have the coverage you need to travel and relax, knowing you’re protected against life’s unexpected events. At Dunford Insurance, what matters most to you matters most to us.

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