Should I use rental car insurance or my own car insurance?


As summer heats up and many of us turn to rental cars for vacations,  it is important to know how your car insurance policy may or may not cover you in the rental car.

It is always better to know your options before you sign their lease and leave the lot.

So, let’s get to the details….

Does My Car Insurance Cover Me While Driving A Rental Car?

Yes, but only up to your policy’s limits.

You are responsible for your deductibles that apply as well.

An accident that occurs in a rental car that is being covered by your car insurance could affect your future rates. 

Lastly, your policy may not cover the “Loss Of Use” that the rental car company will charge.

These charges are to reimburse the rental car agency for the loss of rent that they could not obtain why the car you damaged is being repaired.

This could be very costly, as body shops across the country are having trouble getting parts in a timely manner.

What Are The Benefits To Purchasing The Rental Car Company’s Insurance?

1.  The accident that occurs in the rental car is not reported to your insurance company.  You will continue to enjoy your accident free discount.  Your renewal premiums will not increase due to an at fault accident.

2.  You do not pay a deductible when you use the rental car company’s insurance.

3.  You do not pay any loss of use charges.

As always you can contact Mark Dunford Insurance Agency with any questions you have. What is important to you is important to us.

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