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Read what our amazing clients have to say about working with us. 

We take what we do seriously, and go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied with the service they receive. We can tell you that all day, but to really get it, read what our happy clients have to say about doing business with Dunford Insurance Agency. 

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I am very satisfied with the dunford agency. They are always courteous and willing to answer all my questions. I love being able to just walk in when I need something. Someone is always there eager to help.


Mark and his team are the best! Don't go anywhere else for a quote. I have carried my policies with different agents over the years but none have provided the one-on-one help that Mark, Jesse, and Sara give to those they insure. They will sit down with you and explain your coverages and what your best options are. It wasn't easy to talk about, but Mark gave me great advice and helped set up a life insurance policy for myself and my husband. I'm so glad he did. The cost is low and is just added on to our payments on the insurance for our cars and house. It has given me peace to know that our children will be able to pay for funeral expenses and re-build their lives once we are gone. Mark also helped save us $157 on our auto policy. All the other staff and his wife Tina warm and friendly and will always greet you with a smiling face. One even can speak Spanish with my husband. Don't go anywhere else!!


Thinking about Lawyers, Car Sales Professionals, Real Estate Agents and Insurance Agents usually trigger an emotional response from people that is not pleasant. When you think of Mark, if you knew him like I do, the opposite is true. Mark is a friend, a good friend, someone I TRUST. He has earned that trust simply because he has never tried to sell me anything; instead he has guided me through the intricacies of dos' and don’ts within the Insurance Industry that has saved me money. Mark has never expected anything in return and that resonates with me and within my practice plus the teachings of my mother. Mark has donated his time and his monies to support OUR Veterans, without even getting a simple thank you in return after spending his treasure. If you’re looking for a Professional whose integrity is unquestionable, then it's my distinct pleasure to introduce and recommend Mark Dunford to you.

J Guti

Mark and his entire staff are incredible to work with when it comes to insurance knowledge!! They are not only knowledgeable in the needs of insurance, but are also genuinely great, and super nice people...I am ALWAYS greeted with a warm and super friendly smile, unlike some of the other agents in town! No regrets in my transferring of policies to this fantastic agency!!! Highly recommend!!!


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