Photo of a broken windshield on a car with a banner in royal blue with the text that says new blog post. Does your car insurance cover a broken windshield?

Does my car insurance cover a broken windshield?

A cracked or broken windshield is a very common car insurance claim.

If you have Comprehensive or Other Than Collision Coverage on your car insurance policy,  cracked or broken windshields are covered. Your insurance will cover the cost of the windshield over and above your deductible. When you call in a claim to your insurance carrier for this type of loss, be sure to let them know who you prefer to do the repairs or replacement.  You can have the work done by any windshield professional that you choose.

Our agency recommends Glass America.

Glass of America’s Winchester staff has 97 years of Auto Glass Replacement Experience.  They are currently in 38 states around the country.

Glass America offers competitive cash prices and the ability to handle the entire claims process for customers who choose to use their Comprehensive Auto Coverage.

If you have Lane Departure or Lane Keep Assist, we have the ability to Re-Calibrate your camera.

Glass America is located at 290 Airport Rd, Winchester, VA 22601. For your Auto Glass needs, contact David Stokes at 205-475-3147 Cell, Office at 540-545-8170, ask for Melanie or email

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